Custom Designing A Non Traditional Engagement Ring

More than two months ago, a young and very artistic man came to have a non traditional engagement ring custom made for his girlfriend.  He brought a few images of rings that have non traditional band with curves.  The look was to be very dynamic with a lot of movement and flow in the design. … Read more »

Nature Inspired Engagement Ring For Emma

About a month ago, an incredibly lovely young lady came with her soon-to-be fiancé to have a nature inspired engagement ring made for her.  She brought a few ideas that had leaves and flowers incorporated in the design.  She also had her grandma’s one carat beautiful diamond that would be set in her ring. I… Read more »

Custom Made Platinum And Diamond Engagement Ring For Joia

A couple of months ago, a wonderfully intelligent and pleasant young man came to have a three stone diamond engagement ring custom made for his long time girlfriend.  He was specific and detail oriented and wanted to have a perfect, colorless square diamond with pear shapes on the sides.  This was going to be a… Read more »

Custom Wedding Band To Match And Fit Netie's Engagement Ring

Here’s the story and journey of how Netie’s wedding band was custom made to match and fit her beautiful and symbolic diamond engagement ring.  While Netie was visiting from out-of-state, she came to have a wedding band custom made for her engagement ring. Here’s the engagement ring: Netie’s engagement ring has a wide, white gold band with… Read more »

How to Clean Your Diamond Ring

Diamonds have a sticky surface, it’s their property, and it’s because of their molecular structure.  Everyday hand washing, even with mild soap, dish washing liquid detergents, shampoos, and finger prints easily adhere to the surface of the diamond.  An effective way to clean your diamond at home is the following: Use one part household cleaning… Read more »

Engagement Ring Custom Made Using Diamonds From An Heirloom Pin

Diamond’s from an heirloom butterfly pin took a journey out of the pin into Jessica’s custom made platinum engagement ring!  One day, Bill and Jessica came to have a custom made engagement ring made using the diamond’s from a Victorian pin that Bill’s mom had inherited.  Below is a picture of the pin, before I… Read more »

An Engagement Ring For The Modern Bride

I love Nina’s engagement ring, I call it the engagement ring for the modern bride!  It’s strong yet refined, graceful and defined! Well suited for it’s owner, Nina and every modern bride!  Here’s how Nina’s engagement ring was made.  A few months ago, ( yes, this ring took me some time to make, lol ) Aaron… Read more »

Matching Wedding Band For Weilyn's Engagement Ring

Right before Christmas, an adorable couple, Weilyn and Arthur came to order custom made wedding bands for their rapidly approaching wedding which was going to be in California!  Weilyn’s engagement ring is a beautiful diamond ring with a center round brilliant cut diamond with a halo and diamonds going down the sides in a very… Read more »

Custom Made Matching Wedding Bands for Jennifer and Edwin

Here are the images and the story of Jennifer’s custom made wedding ring!  Jennifer wanted a custom made wedding band to fit next to her beautiful engagement ring which has a halo around the center diamond and it’s slightly wider towards the center.  She also wanted to have Tanzanites in the ring to match her… Read more »

Edwin Wedding Band with a Square-Cut Tanzanite

The elegant “Edwin” Wedding band  is a heavy white gold men’s wedding ring with a square-cut Tanzanite in the center.  Edwin has slender fingers and an elegant and unique style.  He wanted a band that is not too wide, yet wide enough to be masculine.  He also wanted the band to have a unique design… Read more »