Cynthia Britt Exhibiting At Bridal Show In Hyatt Regency Boston

We are very excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at the bridal show “Wedding Of Your Dreams”!  The show is on Sunday, January 26, 2014 in the Hyatt Regency Boston.  The show is completely free and there will be bridal vendors such as photographers, bakeries, florists, etc. To celebrate this event, I have made… Read more »

A Unique Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Linda has long fingers, a ring with a little bit of a width will be most suitable for her hand versus a thin band.  However, it needs to have a refined shape and design…nothing bulky! For center stone, she was interested in either a blue sapphire or a fancy yellow diamond against her skin tone,… Read more »

4 Quick Steps That Will Save Your Pearls!

Pearls are a result of a natural living organism and have a porous surface, unlike gems which are results of minerals present in the earth. In order to avoid scratching and dulling of the pearl’s skin, (its nacre) : 1. Keep your pearl necklace in a box separate from every other piece of jewelry If… Read more »

A Personal Thank You And A Gift For You

You’re probably seeing many lists of New Year’s resolutions with well wishes for success in career, relationships, etc.. I thought I would share a different kind of a list:  My list consists of a personal Thank You and a Gift to you! On a personal note, I would like to thank you for being a valued… Read more »

Beyoncé And Designer Bling

I’m a fan of both Beyoncé and jewelry so when I saw the report from JCK magazine, I had to share it. For the shooting of her surprise album “Visual Album“, a collection of 17 videos that were released without any formal promotion on December 13, Lysa Cooper, stylist for Beyoncé, pulled numerous pieces from… Read more »

Seranite Wedding Band for Men: Everything You Need to Know

What Is Seranite? Seranite is a ceramic based metal. It’s naturally black in color and it’s used as an alternative metal for men’s wedding bands. There are different pressurized levels of ceramic. Some may break easily, but Seranite is made at the highest pressure injected level which makes it very durable, pretty indestructible, and scratch… Read more »

About Instagram and One of My Favorite Bloggers

Instagram is my favorite social media. You can find me under “Cynthia Britt Jewelry“. I post images of my work from sketch to bench to the final piece. I show images of loose diamonds as I’m picking out the best one for an up-coming ring. I love nature, so whenever I get the chance, I… Read more »