Custom Making Bianca Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

This ring comes with a warning sign…Both the wearer and the buyer are beautiful!

Mike and Bianca came to me, during May, interested in getting a custom engagement ring designed and made for Bianca’s 1.52 carats brilliant cut diamond.  Bianca showed me images of Nicole Richie’s engagement ring which has a floating brilliant cut diamond in the center and an octagon diamond halo.  She wanted her ring to have an octagon halo, but customize it to her style so it has an antique look and a more interesting band.

Bianca is gorgeous, in a way she does remind me of Nicole Richie.  She’s petite and refined with a firy personality that you’ll get a hint of through her incredible gaze.  She’s very stylish and even though her jewelry and watch are bold, they shrink in comparison to her happy and vivacious personality!  So her idea of having her round brilliant cut diamond in an octagon halo was perfect.  When I started designing, I knew the band had to have more work to it.  Bianca’s hand structure can handle detailed designs, so I decided to raise the band which would give me space to create a unique look on the sides.  I made detailed frames with geometric shapes for the top of the band and more curvy frames on the sides of the band.  There’s a beautiful flow from top to the sides of the ring.  A three dimensional sparkle all packed in one ring!

Custom Making Bianca Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Bianca engagement ring’s three-quarter view

I made the sides of the ring flat, and I designed the halo so it sits on top of the ring, making it possible to wear a wedding band flush next to the engagement ring.  Although the finished ring is in one piece, which at the end it should be, but I made it in multiple separate pieces so that I could polish all the inner parts of the halo before all the pieces were soldered together.  I also had Bianca’s center diamond set in a frame that is ever-so-slightly larger in diameter from her diamond, which gives an added shimmer and glamour and match all the other frames that are on the ring!

When Mike proposed to Bianca, next morning, Bianca sent me a picture wearing her ring!

Custom Making Bianca Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Bianca wearing her custom made engagement ring!

Her text truly made my day!  I was so happy to so her ring finally on her finger, where it belongs, that I forgot to congratulate her!

I’m so happy for both of you and I thank you both for your patience as I know I kept fussing over it and setting the diamonds took some time also!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple, love you both!

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