Beyoncé And Designer Bling

I’m a fan of both Beyoncé and jewelry so when I saw the report from JCK magazine, I had to share it.
For the shooting of her surprise album “Visual Album“, a collection of 17 videos that were released without any formal promotion on December 13, Lysa Cooper, stylist for Beyoncé, pulled numerous pieces from jewelry designer Margo Manhattan.

According to JCK online magazine’s editor, Emili Vesilind, the superstar and her “Yonce” video costars, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, and Chanel Iman, wore several pieces from the designer’s collection. Most prominently, Beyoncé wore a white gold statement necklace in her “Blow” video.

Here’s an image if Beyoncé wearing the necklace while getting styled for her video!

Beyoncé And Designer Bling

Necklace Photo by Margo Manhattan. Image receive from JCK online magazine.

Congratulations to Margo Manhattan for getting her jewelry featured and congratulations to Lysa Cooper on such a fabulous job! Beyoncé looks absolutely gorgeous!