Behind The Scenes of Making Maggie Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Hand Made Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Maggie Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Making a ring is truly magical. It goes through many stages until it reaches it’s final form. I want to show a couple of stages that Maggie’s ring went through before it’s beautiful diamonds were set.

Maggie’s ring is hand made, hand-made rings are pretty time-consuming and they are the most expensive in labor. However, hand-made rings are extremely strong in their structure and I recommend them for larger stones.

Once Maggie’s stones were finalized, hand-making of her ring started. Her center stone is a radiant cut fancy yellow diamond, and the side stones are tapered baguettes. The basket was first made in 18k yellow gold. As you can see in the image, every piece of the basket is made separately and then soldered together. Once the basket’s structure was completed, then platinum was melted and filed and shaped. Below, is the image.

hand made engagement ring

Hand-Made 18k Yellow Gold Basket And Platinum Shank.

Stay tuned to when the shape of the platinum section is finalized and the basket is assembled!

hand made platinum and 18k yellow gold engagement ring

Platinum And 18K Yellow Gold Ring Assembled

Here’s Maggie’s ring assembled and polished. Next is setting its three stones and getting a final polish. Below is the link to Maggie’s Engagement Ring:

Creation of each ring is fascinating. How it starts with a vision, then a sketch, picking out the gems, crafting it to perfection, having it’s gems set in the traditional old-world style by a master setter and then the final ring brought to reality! It’s an art that I truly enjoy. It takes imagination, time to craft it to perfection and lots of love.



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