Avoid This Common Habit And It Will Help You Not Loose Your Jewelry

Often we’re in a rush to leave the house, so we take the pair of earrings or the pendant that we are planning to wear and we put it either in our pocket or purse, thinking we’ll either wear it while in the car or when we get to our destination.

The problem is, when we get busy, one thing leads to another and sometimes we end up not wearing it at all.  That’s how I lost my diamond pendant which I had made for myself.  I was running late, so instead of wearing my pendant, which would have probably taken me 10 seconds to wear it, I put it in my purse.  While I was in the car, I decided not to take it out of my purse, because I might drop it .  Once we got to our destination, which was a restaurant, I got so busy, that I forgot about my necklace.  maybe a month later, when I wanted to wear it again, I couldn’t find it.  Also by then, I couldn’t remember if I had put it in a purse or one of my pockets.  So I looked in my evening purses and in the pockets of the outfit that I was wearing that night and it was no where to be found.  Two years later, I looked again in the same evening purses that I had looked before and very strangely, I found it sitting in one of them!

I got lucky, but the moral of the story is, no matter how much of a rush you are in, take the 10 – 20 seconds that it takes to wear your pair of earrings or your necklace.  Because those 20 seconds may not loose you much time, but they will save a precious piece of jewelry from getting lost.

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