Asscher Cut Diamond Eternity Ring for Jillian


Asscher cut diamond eternity ring

Jillian Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Ring

Jillian wanted a substantial looking diamond eternity ring for her engagement. She had looked around and either she did not like the style of the band or the diamonds weren’t of the quality or size that she wanted. She was also considering between cushion cut and Asscher cut diamond eternity ring and wasn’t certain which one would look better on her hand. She liked the unique shape of Asscher cut diamonds but the Asscher cut diamond eternity rings that she had tried on did not have the pop and the sparkle of the cushion cut diamond rings that she had seen.

First step was for Jillian to see the two different cut and shape diamonds so she can choose from. I brought in a few pieces of 3 millimeter Asscher cut diamonds and few pieces of the same size cushion cut diamonds. I brought in enough of each cut to cover the top of her finger so she can get a good idea of which shape she would be happy with.

Jillian is beautiful, her looks and personality are very striking. She has beautiful fingers that line up straight next to each other with finger tips that are slightly curved versus rounded. The diamonds that I had brought in, both the Asscher cut and the cushion cut diamonds were of ideal cut and make with perfect proportions, with E/F color and VS clarity. Once Jillian saw how ideal cut Asscher diamonds sparkle, she knew that was the choice for her!

Jillian wanted he eternity ring to be around 3 carats. So I ordered a layout of 3.2 millimeter Asscher cut diamonds with F color, VS clarity. Here’s the image of the layout of the diamonds:

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds

I ordered more than I needed so I would measure each diamond and pick out 19 pieces that were exactly 3.2 millimeters. They were all same color and clarity and now they would all be calibrated to the same size. Once I had all of the diamonds, I made the setting on CAD ( computer aided design ) so I can be as precise as possible. I had the setting cast in platinum, I cleaned and pre-polished it and gave it to a master diamond setter to set the stones. The result is the stunning Jillian Asscher cut diamond eternity ring.  It took 19 pieces of perfectly matched 3.2 millimeter Asscher cut diamonds perfectly set one after another at a minimum height.

Asscher cut Diamond Eternity Ring  by Cynthia Britt

Jillian Asscher cut Diamond Eternity Ring Side View

After Jillian and Eric had their ceremony, she sent me these beautiful images showing their rings. Eric wanted a black indestructible ring, so we ordered Seranite which is the hardest level of ceramic and it really is an extremely durable material.

matching wedding rings

Jillian and Eric Wedding Rings

his and hers wedding rings

Jillian and Eric At Ceremony

Beautiful rings for a beautiful couple. Congratulations to both of you! You and Eric were a joy to work with!



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