Story of Custom Making Amanda Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Amanda Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Amanda Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Pearls are absolutely gorgeous!  They are product of a living organism versus gems which are minerals.  If you have a pair of pearl earrings that are set in an out-dated setting, contributing to the reason why you’re not wearing them, by all means have them re-set in setting that you will wear enjoy!

That’s the story of Amanda’s pearl earrings.  Amanda came to me with a pair of earrings that consisted of a pair of beautiful creamy-color, cultured Japanese Akoya pearls, pear shape corals, small, round single- cut diamonds and small round turquoise cabochons.  Each one of the pieces in these earrings was beautiful on its own, however the final assembled product was too busy and definitely not Amanda’s style.  She wanted something very clean and elegant that could easily wear with her outfits.

She also wanted something that would slightly cover her ear lobes and have a little movement to it.  I sketched a few designs based on her description and the design that she chose is the image that you see.  The earrings consist of a top and bottom sections and they are attached with a hidden hinge.  The diamonds are bead-set and the entire design flows into Amanda’s own pearls!  it’s a beautiful, elegant and clean design that she now wears and enjoys.

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