Why Cynthia

Why Cynthia Britt? Why would you want a Cynthia Britt engagement ring or any custom made Cynthia Britt jewelry? Think engagement ring or wedding band, as an example. You have both taken the time to know each other, and it has truly been a wonderful journey. Now is the time to propose. Celebrate your journey, your love and your future by having the perfect ring custom made for her. An engagement ring that is unique to your journey and unique to her personality. That’s a dream ring!

Why would you pay Cynthia Britt to make your engagement ring? Cynthia will sketch designs that are most appropriate for you, and if it’s a surprise, she always asks for a picture of your fiancée-to-be…No other designer has the ability to sketch designs based on a person’s picture. With your guidance, once the perfect design is chosen, she will take her time to make your ring to perfection. During its making, she will show you it’s progress and always make sure that in your mind and in your heart, you are connected and confident of the design.

Regarding diamonds, Cynthia Britt is extremely resourceful and for any size and shape of diamond or colored gems that you want, she will bring you the best choices from the most appropriate sources. If you already have your diamond, Cynthia Britt, will gladly make your ring using your diamond and any gems that you have. The final ring is made in your choice of metal and always within your budget.

Where is the value? You’ll get the most meaningful and meticulously crafted ring. Choose from the best gems, or use your own gem, all for the same price, or less, than what you would pay for a ready-made piece. Also, the thought and care that you take to have her ring custom made is priceless and certainly a journey that you will share with her! That’s value!

At Cynthia Britt, 95% of all engagement rings are a surprise and 100% of the time, the response is that it’s her Dream Ring!

That is the concept of Cynthia Britt. Come with a picture and an idea and I will make it into her dream ring!