About Instagram and One of My Favorite Bloggers

Instagram is my favorite social media. You can find me under “Cynthia Britt Jewelry“. I post images of my work from sketch to bench to the final piece. I show images of loose diamonds as I’m picking out the best one for an up-coming ring. I love nature, so whenever I get the chance, I takes pictures of scenery, my favorite place, The Boston Gardens, flowers and anything that I love. It’s the personal me!

What I like about Instagram is that you can search images based on your interests. It’s a fast and phone-friendly social media. There are so many talented photographers whom I follow and I get to see their beautiful work. chefs with images of their foods and their recipes. Other jewelry designers and manufactures. I follow all my favorite fashion houses and if that’s not enough, I follow fashion bloggers.

My favorite fashion blogger is under the name “LASTDODD”. With Lastdodd on Instagram, I have the latest news on fashion! I absolutely love looking at her posts. I call it my daily dose of fashion, shoes and humor! What I love about her work is that she posts images from street fashion to high fashion. Shoes from Zara to Zanotti. Celebrities and their fashion moments. I also find her humor to be adorable! Her posts on humor always have me laughing!

Next time you’re in Instagram, follow us and get your daily dose of jewelry, diamonds, fashion and humor. What more can we ask for!
Have fun!

Here’s an image of September Dodd.


September Dodd

Here’s an image of a pair of Lanvin shoes that she just posted:


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