A Rare Cushion Cut Diamond And A Custom Engagement Ring For Karen

Cushion Cut Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring

Karen Cushion Cut Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring

Flawless diamonds are rare. To own a certified flawless diamond and have the opportunity to have a gorgeous custom engagement ring is fortunate!

Karen’s fiancé-to-be came in looking for a suitable diamond and to have a perfect surprise engagement ring custom made for Karen. Looking at Karen’s images, I suggested a cushion cut diamond to compliment both Karen’s hand shape and style. I brought in a few diamonds for Karen’s fiancé to look at and choose from. From the three diamonds that I showed him, he picked the most beautiful and rare one. It was a colorless and flawless cushion cut diamond with no inclusions and with maximum brilliance and life.

cushion cut diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds are cut in different proportions and shapes. Some are cut more elongated, while some are a perfect cushion shape and others are more square. I usually bring in what would look most suitable for the hand shape and the design that we’re aiming for.

Once Karen’s fiancé chose the center diamond, we started the design process. He had a good idea what style of engagement ring she would like. He suggested a diamond halo with diamonds on the side and top of the ring. Based on his description and Karen’s hand shape, I suggested a particular design which involved a split-shank. A tapered ring, one with a large center that narrows down gradually as it extends out would be the most suitable shape for Karen’s lovely hand. Also adding the split would refine the design.

I then began making the ring. I took what Jonathan had on his mind and what I envisioned for Karen and brought it to life in this platinum ring.

custom made engagement ring

Karen’s Engagement Ring Before Setting

Once I had the platinum ring, I went over all of the measurements with my diamond setter and chose the exact millimeter size diamonds that I would need to have the perfect fit. When the diamonds are chosen exactly for the specific space that they are going to be set in, perfection is achieved. There’s a beautiful harmony between metal and gems in every piece that I make. There’s no un-wanted, extra metal showing and the structure of the ring never hides the beauty of the gems. For every piece that I make, after the ring gets its pre-polish, I measure every width that’s going to have diamonds set and determine the millimeter of the required diamond for that particular area.

cushion cut split shank engagement ring

Karen’s Engagement Ring Completed

custom diamond engagement ring

Karen’s Engagement Ring Side View

Above are images of Karen’s ring before and after the diamonds were set.

Working with Karen’s fiancé was a great experience. He truly appreciated quality and was patient with my needs to achieve excellence. The ring took a little longer than I had anticipated. I originally started carving the ring from wax and when I was almost done carving it, it broke in my hands. I started all over again immediately and this time I made it on Computer-Aided Design ( CAD ). The final result is Karen’s gorgeous and flawless ring.

Below, is an image of Karen’s lovely hand with her ring on it!

custom made engagement ring

Karen Wearing Her Engagement Ring

Congratulations to a very lovely couple and thank you for giving me the time and opportunity to make your ring.




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