7 Best Bridal Earrings You’ll Cherish For A Lifetime

Lovely Claire wearing her Britt White Gold Hoops With Pearl Dangles.


Wedding season is back! Whether you’re preparing for your own upcoming wedding day or your best friend’s, we’ve put together a list of our most popular, most affordable, and of course—most unique bridal earrings. Perfect for the bride, or the attendant (there are no rules here!)

The important thing is that you, as the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honor, or special attendant, will want to wear something that you can cherish for a lifetime—something that will always bring you back to this beautiful memory. We believe no one can capture sentiments the way we do, so we’ve put together a list of bridal earrings that have done just this.

  1. Diamond Earrings for Cassidy

These magnificent bridal earrings were designed for Cassidy on her special day. Cynthia used diamonds from Cassidy’s antique necklace to create a piece that embodied Cassidy’s personality and all of the sentiments of her wedding day. Click here to see the full transformation!



  1. Diamond and Turquoise Drop Earrings

One of Cynthia’s earliest creations has finally been debuted! These extremely elegant and unique earrings would pair well with any wedding dress, and can easily be worn for several other occasions.




  1. Britt Gold Hoops With Pearl Dangles

Claire’s choice for her wedding, these beautiful and classic earrings will never go out of style, and never ceases to amaze. Recently chosen to be featured in Boston Wedding Magazine, it is the quintessential piece for the bride or an attendant! 


Boston Wedding Magazine, Fall/Winter 2019 Issue. Page 22, Goods Jewelry.

  1. Diamond Bee Earrings for Jackie

The Jackie Bee earrings were originally a gift from one sister to another, using diamonds from an antique watch from their grandmother. Cynthia was able to keep the sentiments from the heirloom watch and bring to life a new family heirloom that can be worn every day—and any event!



  1. Diamond Flower Earrings for Robin

Robin’s earrings are a Cynthia Britt classic, and draw from our highly requested Flower Collection. Subtle and elegant, these earrings can be worn day to night, and are the perfect gift or self purchase.




  1. Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings for Cecilia

These beautiful earrings were the product of another magnificent heirloom transformation. Cecelia brought in an antique ring and Cynthia worked her magic to create a set of earrings that she will cherish for a lifetime.




  1. Cynthia Britt Blue Sapphire Flower Earrings

These cute Britt Flower Earrings are very affordable and extremely unique. A true testament to Cynthia’s talent and creativity, and to the endless possibilities for custom made earrings that can be achieved at Cynthia Britt!




While these earrings are perfect for weddings, the beauty of any Cynthia Britt piece is that it can be worn for any occasion, and any time of day. These earrings aren’t restricted to just bridal wear—wear them to any function of your choosing and show off your immaculate sense of style with confidence.

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