10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

An act of kindness, because your mother deserves it.

Flowers and brunch once a year might not show your true gratitude for all the things your mom has done for you, so what better way to show your appreciation than a custom piece that she can cherish for a lifetime.

We’ve put together our curated list of over $1000 and under $1000 gifts to give to mom (or honorary mom) this year—and of course, everything is customizable.

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Over $1000

5. Tanzanite and diamond halo pendant

This wardrobe staple is one of our most requested pieces. Available in any color center stone, and sure to complement any outfit. This piece was originally a present from husband to wife when she first became a mother, and the center stone signifies the child’s birthstone. Price will vary depending on your choice of the center stone.

Price: $1594


4. Better Together Necklace

The epitome of a personalized mother’s day gift, this charming necklace was originally a gift from two children to their mother, with each ring symbolizing a child, and the diamond symbolizing the mother. Since then, it has been made in a variety of colors, rings and gemstones.

Price: $800-$1600 (depending on metal, and size of rings)

3. Britt Flower Pearl Ring with Sapphire for Dacia

One of Cynthia’s personal favorites, this ring is elegant and classic, and was originally self purchase gift by a very fashionable mother. It features a small twist on Cynthia’s flower band collection, and has several other matching elements such as earrings and bands.

Price: $1205



2. Amethyst and Aqua Earrings

These earrings were originally a gift from a daughter to a mother, and are the perfect earrings to be wear from day to night. These specific stones were the birthstones of the mother and daughter, and can be interchanged with any desired gem.

 Price: $1500


1. Diamond Flower Earrings for Robin

Classic, modern, elegant, and timeless all in one piece. Our personal favorite from the over $1000 category and an unmistakable choice for all mothers, as it was originally purchased by a mother for herself! Like all of our pieces, these earrings can be customized to feature any gemstone, and is sure to become their newest wardrobe essential.

Price: $2,430



Under $1000

5. Silver Ring Holder Necklace

Just as useful as the white gold ring holder necklace with sapphires, this piece combines functionality with casual, laid back style—perfect for everyday wear.

Price: $155


4. Custom Made Initial Necklace

An instant classic among Cynthia Britt clients, this necklace is unique, fun, and different from the normal initial pendant. Cynthia creates her own custom fonts for her initial necklaces by combining the personality and image of the intended. This piece was originally a gift from a daughter to her mother. The price will vary depending on the chosen letter.

Price: $890


3. Baroque Pearl with Diamond Pendant for Ce’Ce

The baroque pearl is a favorite among clients and Cynthia Britt employees alike. Its uniqueness is undeniable, and is extremely elegant. Originally, this pendant was designed for Ce’Ce with the gems representing different birthstones. The addition of diamonds (or other gems) allows for more personalization, making this an extremely special gift. 

Price: $725


2. White Gold Ring Holder Necklace

Potentially the most practical and functional gift, this necklace was originally a gift from a husband to his wife who works in the medical field and needed to wear surgical gloves, but still wanted to keep her ring close to her heart. It’s evolved to a multipurpose necklace that’s perfect worn alone, or while holding another ring for safekeeping. Check out our website to get a better idea of how the necklace works! 

 Price:  $685


1. Snow Baroque Pearl with Diamond Earrings

The ultimate mother’s day gift—beautiful and very unique, these earrings can be worn from day to night and help to embody the gratitude that we all feel towards our mothers. Originally used as a gift from a daughter to a mother, with each gem representing a birthstone.

Price: $521

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