10 “Something Blue” Gift Ideas for The Bride-To-Be

A beautiful picture of Megan and Ray on their wedding day taken by Anne Lee Photography

With the wedding season still going full swing as the weather gets cooler, September lets go of the old days of summertime and welcomes something new with incredible celebration and a lifetime full of promises. Specializing in custom-made engagement rings and heirloom pieces of jewelry, Cynthia Britt delves into a world of romance and new beginnings designing hand-crafted, alluring pieces meant to tell real-life love stories.

Traditionally, many brides follow the proverb “Wear something old; something new; something borrowed; and something blue” for a fulfilling marriage. Those born during the month of September and the astrological sign of Virgo are lucky enough to hold the birthstone of Sapphire. Sapphires have symbolized truth, wisdom, and good fortune Cynthia Britt, Boston’s premier custom-made jewelry designer, has delicately cultivated her proverbial ‘Something Blue’ collection using the highest quality blue sapphires. Whether or not you’re getting married in the cooler autumn air, celebrating a friend’s wedding this September, or born under the sign of Virgo, some of Cynthia’s heirloom-quality trinkets will last longer than the memories. That’s why we’ve put together our ultimate list of Cynthia Britt’s “Something Blue” pieces, perfect for your best friend’s wedding gift or a self-purchase!

Cynthia Britt Original Wedding Gifts:

1. Britt Flower Pearl Ring with Sapphire for Dacia

Mothers give away their daughters at weddings just as often as fathers do. One Of Cynthia’s treasured customers did so in style with this remarkable pearl and sapphire ring. When worn with the wedding ring, the bride still holds tight to her first family as she begins to start her own.


2. Diamond and Sapphire Eye Necklace for Megan

All over the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the symbol of the evil eye can be seen nearly everywhere as wall ornaments or pieces of jewelry, symbolizing good fortune to both the wearer and those around them. This piece was a surprise wedding gift from the groom to his bride.


3. Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet for Katie

Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet for Katie-0

While rings tend to be the most ubiquitous symbols of a wedding, these complex interlacing of diamonds and sapphires, this groom’s present to his bride on their wedding day looks a lot like hands holding one another’s future.



4. Double Sapphire Flower Ring for Morgan

A mother-of-the-bride present, this piece from Cynthia Britt’s Signature Flower Bead Collection features two sapphires; One large and one small. The ring commemorates a parent raising their child into adulthood. The sense of gratitude is reflected in the 14k Gold finish. 



5. Blue Sapphire Flower Earrings for Amber

While Cynthia Britt specializes in custom made engagement rings, Cynthia knows better than anyone that it is the small details that make up the big picture. Every flower blooms in its own season, but these magnificent sapphire flower earrings were designed as a surprise accompaniment to a well-loved bride’s flower-shaped diamond engagement ring.

The Curated Cynthia Britt “Something Blue” Gift List:

1. Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant 

One of Cynthia’s most popular designs, she is overwhelmed with requests to recreate this sapphire and tanzanite pendant encased in 14K white gold. Along with the matching earrings, this piece makes a perfect gift for a bride, bridesmaid, or anyone one just as special as its intricate design.


2. Ring Holder Necklace with Sapphires:

Running out of ideas for your own or a friend’s special ‘Something Blue’? Never fear with this dependable ring guard. This just so happens to be Cynthia’s most requested piece out of her extensive custom made collection. Anytime you cannot wear your engagement ring on your finger, wear it safely close to your heart our beautifully designed Cynthia Britt Ring Holder Necklace.

3. Christina Sapphire Disk Ring with Diamond

Christina Sapphire Disk Ring with Diamond-2168This Ring seems to shine brighter than the sun and stars. Your ‘Something Blue’ could have been there all along in the form of this beckoning promise ring. If Sapphires represent truth, this ring and its rays represent holding out for and holding on to true love. This is a promise ring from Melvyn to Christina but it’s a great ring for “something blue”.


4. Gigi Sapphire and Diamonds Earrings: Gigi Sapphire and Diamonds Earrings Side View

Easily transitioning from a daytime to a nighttime look, these circular earrings feature a river of sapphires protected by two separate rows of diamonds. As a perfect ‘Something Blue’, these earrings represent a commitment to protecting what is most special to us all.


5. Asscher Cut Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? The most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself, anyway. This three stone ring set in 14k gold pairs well with other stacking rings or stands proud on its own. Treat yourself to your own ‘something blue’.



As we enter Virgo season this September, people born under this sign love to learn and have been observed to be inspired by love from friends, family, and significant others. Virgos have the depth that contributes to their layered personalities. Just like how Virgos are consistently trying new versions of their own true colors, Sapphires can be found in nature in a variety of different hues. Click here (will be hyperlinked to the jewelry page) to view even more options of Cynthia’s unique designs using Sapphires! 

Can’t get enough of blue sapphires? Contact us now to have your own custom made sapphire jewelry designed for you by Cynthia Britt!

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